Saturday, April 19th, 2014

Viva Meow!

meow by sheinside

I just love mail time! *cue Blue’s Clues song* I look forward to it from the time that I wake up in the morning. With the amount of things I order online, it’s like Christmas every day!

Recently I received the cutest cat dress from Sheinside. You know me, cats, cats, cats. Cats all the time. It’s covered in kitties and it is so comfy as well! I own a few cat dresses that while cute, are not comfy and comfort is what I strive for, well when I can help it. If not, i’m complaining the entire time and you’ll hate me by the end of the night. Haha.

I wanted to share some photos of the dress because we had a fun photo shoot and then Pancakes decided to steal the show.

Sheinside Cat Dress on Kawaii Or Die    


Sheinside Cat Dress of Kawaii Or Die

You can purchase the same dress by clicking either of the images
above or right here and we can be twins!

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Weekly Inspiration: Can I Shoot You?

photo shoot inspiration

I’ve been wanting to put a photo shoot together for a sort of lookbook for my brand for quite some time now but have been so busy lately that I just haven’t had the time to turn that idea to reality. I’ve been collecting inspirational photos for almost a year now. I was discussing another shoot with a photographer friend recently which drove me to delve into my photo shoot inspiration folder and I had completely forgotten how many beautiful inspirational ideas that I had hidden away in there! Clearly I have a preference for everything feminine and minimal. Here are some of my favorites!  


Monday, March 24th, 2014

What’s Inside My Purse?

Whats in my bag?

I don’t have a lot of time this week but I thought i’d do a real quick “What’s Inside My Purse?” post.

That's my bag, baby!

First things first. This amazing bag is by Kling and I purchased it from ModCloth. I don’t think i’ve been so in love with a purse in a long time. It also has a convenient-as-eff little pocket on the back side of the purse so you don’t have to get your cell phone in and out.

That's my bag, baby!

1.) Big Ass Wallet from Forever 21 2.) Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volume Mascara 3.) Baby Lips (don’t leave home without it!) 4.) Bach Stress Rescue Pearls (these really are my savior. as you know, i am the panic queen.)

That's my bag, baby!

1.) My eGo vape pen (which helped me completely stop smoking cigarettes btw)
2.) My bloodstone and my favorite heart shaped rose quartz (for personal reasons)
3.) My phone 4.) My keys AKA my “Kawaii Arsenal”. Haha!

Mwah! I hope you all have a great week and enjoyed my pointless post! ;)

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Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Kitty Style

kitty party header  

I’m so excited to announce that today I released a new print in the Sugar Junkie tights collection.

My heart belongs to the idea of using tights as the focal point of an outfit. Tights that are so elaborate, you ask yourself “What would I ever wear those with?” The answer is EVERYTHING! The key is to keep everything else as simple as possible. Go for solid colors. Right now i’m all about the tights-under-shorts look. A solid colored skater dress is also another cute route to take.

It had been a while since I released a new design and I wanted to do something really over the top and just cute and ridiculously kitschy at the same time. I think I hit the mark. You decide!

Kittens & Ice Cream Print by Jamie Sucre

I was re-inspired by one of my older prints, “Kittens & Ice Cream” so I decided to turn that print into my new tights design. I recreated the whole thing, tweaking the colors and decided to use some different vintage ceramic kitty figurines that I’d found in a little flea market more recently. I just thought they were cuter and liked how they were in different positions rather than having the same cat throughout the entire print. I added some sprinkles for more of a “party” theme, and these are the result!

Kitty Party Tights by Sugar Junkie

Kitty Party Tights by Sugar Junkie

Kitty Party Tights by Sugar Junkie(original Photoshop mockup)

These are limited edition and you can purchase them at SUGAR JUNKIE now!

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Sunday, March 9th, 2014

Exceptional Colorful Hair Inspiration

colorful hair inspiration

It is my belief that your hair is everything! If your hair is boring and drab, no matter now impeccable everything else on you may be, your whole look is going to be ruined. My idea of ideal hair does not come in conventional colors. I am partial to pastel colors but there are certain colors like pink, blue, or turquoise that I absolutely adore in their vibrant form. Last, and my number one favorite, is RAINBOW hair! It is a goal I have for that day when I have perfect Rapunzel hair. Dreams! I’ve compiled a gallery of some of what I believe to be the most exceptional and beautiful colorful hair inspiration that i’ve happened across.


rainbowbullet_by_drache_lehre-d5wrcbqWant to know how to get pastel hair yourself? Watch this great tutorial by Lexi.
rainbowbullet_by_drache_lehre-d5wrcbqWant cool colors in your hair without commitment? Watch this tutorial by Kandee.
rainbowbullet_by_drache_lehre-d5wrcbqMy most favorite hair color is by Special Effects.

If you have any questions or useful tips, feel free to comment!


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Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Etsy Artists Who Have Stolen My Heart

my favorite etsy artists

Kawaii Or Die Gallery Wall

If you were to visit my studio, the first thing you would notice contained in my candy striped paradise would be the magical art gallery that I have in progress on my wall behind my desk. Many of the pieces were done by myself & others are treasured pieces by dear friends like Amber Renée and ZambiCandy. Mixed in with those pieces are some of the cutest art prints you will ever see by some of the most amazing artists. I buy lots of art on Etsy and was asked by a friend for a list of my favorite Etsy artists recently so I thought I would also do a feature on a few of my favorite artists that I own works by.

my favorite etsy artists



sharodactyl Sharodactyl Art is run by Sharon, a Los Angeles based graphic designer. Sharon also owns Hello Cavities which features her adorable artwork on apparel and accessories. Sharon specializes in illustrations of cute girls. Not just cute girls but ridiculously cute girls. Along with art prints, she also sells things like bags, pins, & stickers with her art on them in her etsy shop.



Sugar Fueled is run by oil painter, Michael from Florida. I very recently discovered this shop and it was love at first sight. A little creepy, a little cute, which is me personified! From his creepy-cute take on popular characters to his delicious, candy coated skulls, Sugar Fueled’s style is unmatchable. You can also find his art at major shows and conventions.


Pinkytoast is an artist from Brooklyn, New York. Her work is so perfect and detailed, you’re going to have to pick your jaw up off of the floor after witnessing it. Many of her pieces are paintings of beautiful, big-eyed dolls, similar to Blythe or Pullip dolls. No joke, if I had the space and the means, I would buy each and every print in her shop.


buttonss Buttonss Art is run by Australia based illustrator, Cherie Buttonss. Not only have I been following her on Instagram for years, but i’ve also had the pleasure of doing a jewelry line collaboration with her. I’d call her art style ‘pastel sexy kawaii girls with a little bit of ice cream and eyeballs thrown in the mix’. I know, right? I don’t think you can get much more unique than that. You can also follow Cherie Buttonss on Instagram.


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Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Weekly Visual Inspiration

Believe it or not, part of my job requires me to spend a significant amount of time each day browsing sites like Pinterest, Lookbook, and Tumblr. Visual inspiration. So many great things can come from a good photograph. I like to create color palettes from photos that I find visually appealing. I even find inspiration for my jewelry designs from simple photos of something like a Parisian landscape or something as random as you could imagine. I’ve compiled a gallery of some of my favorite inspiration photos from this week! I hope they can inspire more than just myself!


What do you use as inspiration?


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