Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Move on, move on, move on

What a week and a half! We are now completely moved out of our little blue cul-de-sac house! It was such a cute house and a great transition home (apartment >> little blue house >> big yellow house) and other than a few instances of the landlord half-assing repairs and “renovations” (building a brand new beautiful deck right on top of the old one), it served us well. As for being moved in… thats going to be a slow process. Ha! The house is already beautiful but I look at it as a big huge blank canvas and that just makes me so excited, I can’t even convey to you. This place is going to be amazing. My past week or so in photos:  

Panda always has the best fortunes in their fortune cookies! So inspirational!

Goodbye little blue house!

I had two of these to put together! FML!

Pancakes helped me because that little sticker back there says i’m not allowed to do it by myself. Hmph!

This is our family room in progress! Bare bones. I can’t wait to paint in here. The mantel will definitely be white. Everything else is still up in the air.

Donuts in the family room, of course. Who do you think we are?

A section of the mantel.

I started this marker drawing last week. I’ve been doing a lot of marker drawings lately. I can’t wait to make a post with all of them.

Favorite vintage kitschy kitty salt & pepper shakers.

New curtains for my new studio! Do you love it?

The curtains project a rainbow onto Hailey’s bedroom door that is directly across the hall from my studio. She is so stoked about it!

Here it is, my Expedit Workstation that this badass put together all by herself. Just kidding, Ikea furniture is way too easy to assemble other than a few heavy pieces here and there and even then, I manage.

One shot of my studio desk.

Other side of the room. I can’t wait to paint in here. Its a surprise but think magical ice cream shoppe! I have it all planned out. ;)

kawaii life

unpacking my vanity

Until we meet again, adieux!


5 Responses to “Move on, move on, move on”

  1. steff 7.31.2012 at 5:13 PM #

    Love love love. Keep moving up. You are a great person and i mean that! -Steffff
    P.S. love the layout…fits pretty good on mobile :)

    • Pajamie 7.31.2012 at 5:15 PM #

      Aw Steph, thank you <3

  2. Kelsea Echo 7.31.2012 at 5:26 PM #

    Okay, WHERE did you get those donut pillows? Your decor and stuff are ridiculously awesome!

    • Pajamie 7.31.2012 at 6:56 PM #

      Thank you so much! Believe it or not, the donuts are dog beds that I found at Walgreens last year. My cats sleep on them but I probably would have bought them even if I didn’t have any animals!

  3. Brandon 10.5.2012 at 4:02 PM #

    I love you! So GLAD to see the life that You and Gray have built together! Who ever would have thought a candy flipping rainbow child would point a finger saying, ” I’m going to marry that guy…” and actually realize all of her dreams from that exact point on. LOVE!! INSPIRE!! EAT CAKE!! <3

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